60LEDs/M SMD3528 LED Strip Lights

Product Name:  60LEDs/M SMD3528 LED Strip Lights

Model:  SYS-3528-60LN

brief:   This strip lights is great for all kinds of illumination, creating a comfortable light fixture.


●Architectural lights for canoppy, corridor, windoe, archway                
●Blacklith or edge lighting for signage                
●DIY lights for home use                
●Decorative lights for holiday  event, show, exhibiton                 

Safety tips:                                         
◆The strip itself and all its components may not be mechanically stressed.                                        
◆Assembly must not damage or destroy conducting paths on the circuit board.                                         
◆Installation of LED strip(with power supplies) needs to be made with regard to all applicable electrical and safety standards. Only qualified personnel should be allowed to perform installations.                                         
◆Correct electrical polarity needs to be observed. Wrong polarity may destroy the strip.                                         
◆Parallel connection is highly recommended as safe electrical operation mode.                                         
◆Serial connection is not recommended. Unbalanced voltage drop can cause hazardous overload and damage the strip.                                         
◆Please ensure that the power supply is of adapters power to operate the total load.                                         
◆When mounting on metallic or otherwise conductive surfaces, there needs to be an electrical isolation points between strip and the mounting surface.                                         
◆Pay attention to standard ESD precautions when installing the strip.                                         

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