DMX512 Led Controller

Product Name:  DMX512 Led Controller

Model:  SYC-DMX512

brief:  Adopts advanced computer control chip,can receive the international DMX 512 standard digital control signals and converted into PWM controller signal to drive the LED

Technical Specification:
● Working temperature: -20-60 °C
● Supply voltage: DC12~24V 
● Output: 3 channels 
● External dimension: L177×W42×H33channel 
● Packing size: L180ΧW95ΧH60(mm) 
● Net weight: 201g 
● Gross weight: 245g 
● Static power consumption: <1W 
● Output current: each channel 4A 
● Output power:  5V:<60W,  12V:<144W,  24V:<288W 
● DMX512standard:DMX512/1990


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