Sidelight 3W SMD3535 Led Signage Module

Product Name:  Sidelight 3W SMD3535 Led Signage Module

Model:  SYM-E35-1L-3W

brief:  For Kinds for Signage Lighting Box,billboard


Products Feature:                            
●Adopting Genesis SMD3535 as light source---with high luminous Flux & color consistance                                                               
●Best sealed IP65 with moisture-proof, waterproof, dustproof and impact resistance                            
●Adopting PVC injection molding technology, with nice structure & design 

●15-25cm thickness big size light box side lighting.Double side light box.                    
●Best for 20cm depth double side light box,max distance 2.5 meter.

●Clean & remove all debris from the inside of signage/lightbox                             
●Position the module with double sided tape and stick on the back of board                            
●Potting glass glue on both side of led module or screwing is recommended as security. 
●Use screws ,or silicon to secure at least every fifth LED module within the channel letter

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